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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Catching up. And an apology I suppose-

I don't really know why I haven't been posting as things have been as interesting as usual this past week. Somehow my internal rants and daily activities just haven't inspired my fingers to be clicking on the keyboard. I'll try a little stream of conciousness scribbling here and see how it goes-

I had a very pleasant and too-often delayed lunch with Friend Karen last week and it was really good just to sit down and chat over some good food for a bit. She's harried with school and some wonderful Christmas gift creation tributes to her family. I really recommend you go see the very nice creations she has produced on top of a hectic work, school and family life.

The spouse and I have a new place we like for dinner, TGI Friday's. The restaurant just opened a couple months ago and up until recently there was a line to eat even during lunch. I'm not much willing to wait in line for food so we had skipped the crowds until just a couple weeks ago. Now we've been there twice and both times the meals have been much better than we might have expected. They have a bigger menu and different items from our usual supper choice places and everything we have tried, we have enjoyed. Last night I had the Grownup's Mac & Cheese. This is served with a chicken breast but the elbow noodles are fixed up with 3 cheeses, bacon, onion bits and mushrooms. This was a really dandy dish of pasta! The BSU raved over her burger and the apple pie desert that came afterwards. I've still got to try their steaks and ribs, so there are still good reasons to keep going back.

Like every good motorhead related project, the motorcycle is coming apart further than expected. I've got the battery out and the gas tank off and parts being delivered already from I've ordered a repair manual already and given the battery box and electronics mounting plate a Krylon restoration. I've still got to order new carb inlet manifold flanges and a gas tank shutoff repair kit. I do need to replace the handlebars with some with a bit more lift and pullback and start thinking about how to re-mount the muffler in a way that doesn't involve welding.

My Mom is back home in Alpena, as of last Saturday! She finally was allowed out of the hospital after her surgery and sent home to recuperate. She is so very pleased to not be in the hospital and not be imposing on Cousin Tammie's hospitality. She is back in her own bed and bedroom for the first time since late October and that makes her pretty happy. Mom says she is feeling well and that her brother Mike is a dandy cook,taking her place in the kitchen. I'm just really glad that she is recovering and is in good spirits.

The spouse leaves tomorrow for most of a week in Oregon with her sisters. That means Noah will get tagged with the Christmas tree decorating and I will be doing carpet vacuuming and shampooing during the hours she might normally be napping. Its also Grandbaby Astin's 2nd birthday this weekend and he, along with his Mom and baby sister are due back from Wisconsin this week. So I hope there's a birthday party to be invited to sometime this weekend.
Boy Noah completes his first term at Utah State this week and will be home by the weekend. I've arranged my half of next term's financing and he is supposed to be signing up for a student loan for his half before he gets home. He's not registered for next term's classes so that has to be arranged in the next very few days. I hope he's got some passing grades to show for this term's efforts!

So, Christmas shopping and decorating and holiday spirit efforts will be rising to the forefront of my time over the coming days. Right now, I'm woefully unprepared and unspirited. I don't know why. A present for the BSU really has me stumped this year.

Work continues to pile up. All of last week was spent making, and re-making new chart requirements, and meeting repeatedly to ensure that everybody's charts were standardized and believable. All that means is that no real work was accomplished but at least the bosses with eagles on their collars are happy with our chart making skills. Typical life in a cubical farm really.

Now its time for lunch with Melissa so I'll get this uploaded. Later I'll try to add in some links of interest. Or, I'll think about doing it. You never know.

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